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One of the popular areas of wargaming, WW2 covers historical gaming that covers the World War from 1939 - 1945.

 Generally speaking more people play games set in Europe or the Med, but more people are showing an interest in the Pacific war.

There are rules that cover land battes, air battles and naval battles:


[edit] Scales

[edit] 25/28mm

                     U.S.:Infantry, Airborne,  Infantry in greatcoats;

                    British: 8th Army, Airborne, Infantry, Commandos (Africa and the Med, as well as Europe 1944+) SAS & LRDG (Africa and the Med), SAS (Eruope),         Australians, Sikhs,

                 French: FFL, Goumier;

                German: Afrika Korps, Fallschirmjager, Infantry, Infantry in Greatcoats, Late War, Panzer Lehr

                Italian: Infantry

                Resistance and Partizans

                Russian: Infantry

  • Bolt Action Miniatures

[edit] 20mm

  • Eureka Miniatures: produces infantry figures - Australians, Japanese, Winter War Finns, and a U.S. pilot figure for use with an aircraft model. Also an Australian Sentinel prototype tank is available for 'what if' games.  Eureka_Miniatures

  • Britannia Miniatures
  • AB Miniatures

[edit] 15mm


[edit] 10mm

[edit] 6mm

[edit] Rules

[edit] Land

Rapid Fire

I Ain't Been Shot Mum

Tactical Weapons & Troops (TW&T)

Flames of War

Disposable Coffins

Force on Force

Arc of fire

[edit] Sea

Action Stations

General Quarters

Victory at Sea

Battlestations, Battlestations


[edit] Air

Bag the Hun

Air War:1940

Check Your 6!

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