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Wargaming rules cover every thing frm Skirmish rules where one figure represents one soldier, to Army level where figures represent brigades or divisions.


[edit] Rules by Periods

[edit] Ancient

[edit] Medieval

[edit] Renaissance

[edit] Horse and Musket

[edit] Seven Years War

Might & Reason

[edit] Wild West

[edit] Victorian Science Fiction

[edit] WW1

[edit] WW2

Force on Force

[edit] Post WW2 / Modern

Ambush Alley

Force on Force

[edit] Sci-Fi

[edit] Fantasy

[edit] Horror

Ambush Z

All Things Zombie

[edit] Toys / Teddy bears

Teddy Bears of the Caribbean - a free set of rules downloadable from the Eureka Miniatures web site:

[edit] Cars / Racing

Speed Rally

Car Wars

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