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Eureka Miniatures is one of Australia's leading miniatures stores:

Eureka Miniatures stocks 2mm to 40mm figures, and produces their own excellent range of figures as well as being the Australian distributor for a number of other ranges.

Eureka Miniatures is also the supplier of AB Miniatures 15mm Napoleonic and ACW range.

Eureka Miniatures is also the pioneer of a customer figure request scheme called the "100 Club" and "300 Club":

 The 100 Club and 300 Club are concepts that allows a degree of interactivity to the wargames hobby. We all have figures in mind that we have wanted to see produced, but no manufacturer has deemed worthy of making. Now Eureka Miniatures puts you in the driving seat.

Working on the premise that you are not alone in wanting that special figure that no one makes, Eureka Miniatures have set up the 100 Club (25/28mm) and 300 Club (15mm) to record and accumulate the requests for custom miniatures and hopefully turn them into economically viable projects.

Eureka Miniature's own range of figures are available in the U.S. from Eureka Minaitures USA:  and in the U.K. from Fighting 15's:

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