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An ever increasing number of wargamers are producing blogs to promote their hobby and to showcase games they play and figures they paint.

Some of these blogs are theme specific - i.e. they only cover one aspect of a gamer's wargaming interest and focuses solely on a historical period. For example, such blogs can are dedicated to the Seven Years War, the Napoleonic War, or the American Civil War.

Other blogs cover all aspects of a gamer's interst in the hobby and will contain news and information that interests them, from Ancients to Sci-fi gaming.

Blogs of Interest:

  • Ancients

  • Medieval

  • Seven Years War

  • Napoleonics

Trailape's Wargame blog - lots of great looking Napoleonic figures in 15mm scale:

  • ACW

  • WW2

  • Modern

  • Sci-Fi and Horror

  • General Interest

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